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Athens is the capital of Greece and currently the largest city in the country. It is the main center of the economic, cultural and political life of Greece.

The history of Athens stretches for more than 3000 years, making it one of the oldest inhabited cities. During the classical period of Greece, it was a powerful state city that played a key role in the development of democracy. It was also a cultural center where many of the great artists, writers and philosophers of antiquity lived. These contributions of Athens to the thought of his time had a great influence on the development of Greece, Rome and Western culture.

Athens is a city rich in archaeological remains of extraordinary importance, of which the most famous is the Parthenon of the Acropolis. In addition to the classical Greek buildings, the Roman and Byzantine monuments are also preserved, as well as several notable modern buildings.
Athens attracts history and natural beauties
Athens is, at the same time, one of the oldest cities in the world and one of the most modern in Europe.

Destination is one of the most desired by travelers from all over the world. They tell points about its history, but also its natural beauties (such as its islands and beaches) and its imposing architecture. Another reason for curiosity is its mythology, which is highly valued and studied. That is to say, one more reason to be sure that the history of Greece is not only about the Greeks but also about various other nationalities, since many of the situations that we live and study today came from that country. Going through the center of the historical monuments gives the dimension of being in the cradle of Western civilization. There are sites that date back more than 800 years before Christ.

The inheritance is still in the language, since many words in Portuguese, for example, are derived from the Greek.

To learn more about life in the country, visit the permanent exhibition at the Acropolis Museum. Plaka tours are also obligatory, a place where people lived centuries before Christ, as well as mingling with the current Greek customs. And, once in the Acropolis (meaning High City), visit the Parthenon, the theater of Dionysus, the temple of the goddess Athens (wisdom), the goddess Nike (of victory), among many other things. It is also in Athens that there is the old Kalimarmaro stadium, the first to receive the Olympic games of antiquity.
At night, in the European summer the sun remains until at least 9pm. But do not be shy if you see stores closed between 3pm and 6pm. This is because it is the siesta, as it happens in Spain, when much of the country stops.
The cuisine of the city of Athens, as in the rest of Greece, is characterized by good taste and the best aroma. Typically Mediterranean, it is based on olive oil. The best oils of the country come from the island of Lesbos, Crete and Kalamata (black and elongated olives).
Food is something that all Greeks like to enjoy and usually start with a glass of aniz brandy, a typical drink called ouzo, with some olives, sausage, shrimp, caviar and fried foods as well as the traditional fish roe salad. (taramosaláta).

In general the first dish is the Greek salad with cucumber, tomato, black olives, onion and feta cheese, a sheep's cheese; and in other cases opt for a plate of vegetable soup with a poached egg. The main course may consist of meat or fish, usually accompanied by vegetables.

The most typical dishes based on meat are, for example, meat and rice dumplings with tomato sauce (soutzoukákia); the souvlákia, which consists of a combined skewer of lamb meat with pork; the dolmades, consisting of minced meat with rice and wrapped in cabbage leaves; among others. All bars, restaurants and taverns offer fish-based dishes such as grilled or fried mullet, or traditional sausages, which are small fried fish scattered with resin-flavored wine.

Almost all meat or fish dishes are accompanied by Mediterranean salads and purées, especially eggplant with oregano. At the time of the desserts you can not fail to try the Greek cheeses, in addition to the traditional inflated yoghurt, sweetened with cream or fruit. Also the delicious puff pastry, with walnuts and honey and curd puddings. Greek sorbets deserve a separate chapter, called pagota, which is really a delicacy.

The honeys of Mani and Crete are of the best quality. After meals, it is a tradition to drink the famous raki, a drink of superior quality to ouzo. The Greeks usually accompany their meals with national wines, which have a characteristic flavor due to the pine resin that is added at the time of aging. It is usually white or rose wine, but if you do not like the taste of the resin, you can taste the wines of the Peloponnese like Reine, Achaia and Mantini, as well as those of Crete and Minos, with a much sweeter taste.

If you prefer beer, the most famous is the Fix. After a good meal you need a good coffee and you can also choose in Athens where they are excellent thanks to the Turkish influence. There are several ways to take it, such as loaded, sweet, bitter, slightly sweet, etc. One of the most traditional is the coffee without sugar, served in a small glass and accompanied by a glass of water. It is necessary to wait a little before drinking to precipitate the soil. The nescafé frapé coffee is also very good, beaten with cold water and served with ice, sugar and concentrated milk. It is ideal for summer.

As for the places where you can eat, there are taverns, which are nothing more than simple dining rooms with shaded courtyards, rustic places with tables protected with paper tablecloths and where they serve the most traditional and common dishes of the country. In the Plaka district, it is worth dining on one of the many outdoor terraces on summer evenings where you can also listen to live music.
The climate of Athens is semi-arid subtropical the winters are a little cold, but the summers are very hot and dry, while winters are more rainy. It rains approximately 70 days a year, although the rain is very moderate and only occurs in the winter; In summer they are very occasional.
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