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Puerto Montt
The city of Puerto Montt was founded on February 12, 1853 by Don Vicente Perez Rosales, with German immigrants who came to colonize the area of ​​Llanquihue.
The city grew very rapidly, giving services as the center of the colonized territory, and with the arrival of the railways in 1912, the city gained a new impulse, as also in Chiloe and Magallanes.
In 1979, it became capital of the Lakes Region, with the provinces of Valdivia, Osorno, Llanquihue, Chiloé and Palena.
Salmon farming in more than 30 establishments has produced significant growth since 1985, along with a significant number of service industries.
Puerto Angelmo, a small port near the city is today the starting point for the production of fishing in the area.
Puerto Montt was destroyed and then rebuilt after the 1960 earthquake. Today it offers an infrastructure suitable for tourists who choose it as their vacation spot.
Puerto Montt has surpassed older neighboring towns, due to its strategic position at the southern tip of the Central Valley of Chile and for being a gateway city to Chiloé Archipelago, Llanquihue and lakes Nahuel Huapi and western Patagonia.
Puerto Montt has a natural and architectural beauty that is worth seeing and appreciate, as the Tenglo Island very popular with visitors, is ideal for hiking or sunbathing before returning to the city.
Rural communities celebrate popular festivals in which they show their traditions year after year. One of them is the Festival de Cordeiro, held in Rio Chico.
After a tour around Avenda Oceanica, and an artisan market, an attractive tour takes the tourist to the seafood and fish market, offering the opportunity to have lunch at one of the restaurants on site.
Speaking of Chile means talking about your salmon. And today, the salmon industry began to be considered successfully by several tourist companies that gave it a leading role.
Forests and lakes, estuaries and islands, and especially volcanoes are some of the attractions that can be observed during a previously planned flight, as well as an expedition to the best southern landscapes on both sides of the mountain range.
The traditional churches of Chiloé are characterized by a better use of the resources of the environment, especially the local wood, the interrelation with the landscape.
Leaving Puerto Montt and traveling south, you will find the Alerce Andino National Park, where you can appreciate the last 20 thousand hectares of an old forest with much to admire.
It is possible to sail in the Channel of Chacao of Puerto Montt until the Island of Chiloé. A fantastic crossing to connect with the history and nature of Chiloé.
Puerto Montt is a city with its own charm. Visitors can walk along its seafront or admire its streets, hills, churches and museums. However, this walk is always in the aromatic Angelmó.
The Stone Museum Monte Verde treasures incredible testimonies of the pre-Columbian cultures that first inhabited the continent.
In the city of Puerto Montt visitors can not only buy fish (among them the most used, salmon) and fresh seafood (mussels, clams, salmon rose, locos, scallops and giant barnacles, but also eat in cooks' , attended by women who generally hawk their delicious dishes.
There are restaurants to suit all tastes and types of food.
The climate of Puerto Montt is temperate rainy, being its main characteristic the lack of a dry season, although between the months of November and March the precipitations diminish, never cease totally. In July temperatures can drop to -5 ° C and in summer can reach 30 ° C.
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