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Quellón is a Chilean port city in the south of Chiloé Island, Los Lagos Region. It is considered the final station of the Pan American Highway and the Coastal Pacific Avenue.
Starting point for intrepid fishermen and the heart of the salmon and fishing industry, Quellon stands out for its activity in the endless dock and the wide variety of local produce.
On February 25, 1881, Quellón was declared a haven of refuge by decree of the President of the Republic.
The foundation of Quellón in 1906 coincides with the arrival of the Braun and Blanchard Company steamboats in Chiloe, which brought the first machine to the Austral Society of Maderas in 1905.
This company was later transformed into "Destilatorio Quellón SA", and by-products of distillation, such as acetone, charcoal and methyl alcohol. For many years this industry was the only one of its kind in South America, thus initiating the urbanization of the port of Quellón and the transfer of fishermen and public offices to the previous port, which is why the original city is called the Old Quellón.
The Company built a 5000 km long Rail Road, with engines carrying wood.
The great earthquake and tsunami in southern Chile in 1960 also destroyed Quellón, which made most people living along the coast move to the highest part of the city.
Today Quellón is an important city that has grown rapidly, with a considerable commercial and industrial activity, and with the latest technology of services and communication required by industrial fishing.
The charm of the seas, its vast virgin land, see the forests and visit the Natural Park Tantauco are true tourist attractions of Quellón.
Leaving Quellón towards the west bypassing the bay, for only 4 km if you arrive at Quellón Viejo, where you can find only the beach and a chapel. It was a coal deposit for the Navy.
Returning to the main road after another 3 km, you arrive at Punta Lapa, where route # 5 (Pan-American) ends.
Here you have a beautiful view of the island Cailín and the volcano Corcovado on the continent, in addition to the existing camping site and restaurants.
Traveling another 9 kilometers westwards through the jungle of cinnamon trees, you come to Yaldad, a village with a beach and incubator of (seafood).
We can see primitive canoes of hollow logs, called "Bongos chilotes".
In front of the coast, Puerto de Carmen, which covers the entire south of the island of Chiloé.
In the port of Quellón can be rented boats to cross the channel Chaiguao, the bay of Huellonquén, the island Cailín and the cave of the pirate Ñancupel. They are interesting walks through the confines of Chiloé, with truly amazing views.
Quellón offers a varied cuisine presided over by "curanto", cooked seafood, fish, potatoes and meats, which are prepared in a hole in the ground with hot stones in the background and covered with leaves of "nalcas". Also noteworthy are the oysters created in Caulín, the "castrocentollas" of Quellón, the "liquor de oro" of Chonchi, the traditional "milcaos", "chapaleles" and "chicha de manzana".
The climate is warm and temperate rainy type. Precipitations occur all year round and increase from north to south. Even the driest month still has a lot of rainfall.
The thermal amplitude increases inland and are moderate because of the influence of the sea.
Quellón has an average temperature of 10.4 ° C. The average annual rainfall is 2265 mm.
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